Understanding How Mold Is Used For Cigar Production


Cigar production is an art and one that is not as easily understood by the average person, but there are many details that go into the process to make sure the cigar that is being produced is of the highest quality. What does it take to get the process going in the right direction? One of the most important part of the process involves the use of a mold to produce the cigar and make sure that it is as aesthetically good as desired. Let’s take a look at what the mold has to offer in this process.

Selection Of Tobacco

It all begins with the selection of the tobacco that is going to be going into the cigar. If the tobacco is not of the highest quality, it is going to come back to bother the maker that is going to be rolling together the cigar. There are many details that can be overlooked (even though they should not be), but choosing the wrong type of tobacco is not one of them. You have to be meticulous when it comes to this part of the job at hand. Remember, the tobacco that is going to be selected will end up being cut into little strips as there are many cigarette lovers who might never have seen this happen. However, cigars are different and they have to be cut into thin strips before moving onto the next step in the process.

The selection of the tobacco has to be accurate right from the get go. Most makers are able to point out the right solution immediately with experience, but those who don’t know what to do will have to pour over the tobacco and make sure it is perfect.

Size Of The Mold

The next step in the process involves the sizing of the mold. What does this have to do with the process? If the size is not good, the cigar is not going to come out as wanted. The larger the mold, the larger the cigar will be at the end of the process. This is a decision that has to be made right away because when the mold has been used, it is not going to be easy to change the size (if possible at all)!

Getting this part right is critical to all of the steps along the way.


Now, it is time to take the filler that has been accumulated and start to ‘roll’ it together. This is one of the steps that most people know about and one that is definitely important because of how the rolling will demonstrate the level of quality for the cigar as a whole. There has to be a little room left with the filler inside to make sure that when the ‘pressing’ happens there is room. If there is too much filer, it is going to pop out and overflow. This is not good for the cigar as a whole.
The next step in the process involves the use of a filter. The selection for the filter has to be precise to make sure that you are going in the right direction. It starts by taking the cigar that is in your hands and start to look at the ends. The ends are going to be folded inwards. This is going to be done in order to seal the end of the cigar. It is important to make sure the end of the cigar is moist. Not completely doused in water, but just a little (end of your fingertip) to make sure there is a little ‘give’ while rolling. All this does is ensure the filler does not pop out. Extra security is never a bad thing.


One of the last steps has to do with the pressing of the cigar because of how important it is during the process. The mold has been created, but it is time to put it all together. The cigar is put into the mold that was created and this is where the pressing is going to occur. The pressing is done to solidify the cigar and ensure the results are perfect and as you had hoped for.

Waiting For Final Cigar

This is one of the most important parts of the process because those who are not patient might end up having a half done cigar and that is not fun to say the least. Most cigars have to be left alone for at least a few days in order to get the kind of results that you are desiring. Be patient and let the cigars sit. It is best to move onto another type of cigar, if that is what you are after. Anything that works in this regard is the way to go.

These are some of the most important details that involve the use of a mold in order to produce a cigar. You have to ensure these details are being focused on moving forward. The appropriate use of a mold is requisite in the modern age when it comes to high quality cigars and without these being used the chances of seeing quality being produced become slim to none. Understanding these details not only demonstrates what goes into making a single cigar, but also helps appreciate the amount of work that goes into it and how meticulous the makers have to be.

photo credit: Rene Bastiaanssen via photopin cc