What Is A Corona Cigar? A Look At The Corona


Cigars are tightly rolled bundles of dried and fermented tobacco leaves rolled into a series of different sizes and types which are then ignited to give forth smoke when drawn by a smoker. Unlike cigarettes, cigars usually use a special kind of tobacco known as cigar tobacco; and which is grown in significantly large quantities in countries synonymous with cigar making like Cuba, Honduras, Brazil plus many more.

Cigars come in many forms and shapes. At the same time, different cigar makers will use different materials to create their cigars and aspects like the cigar wrapper, flavor and strength will usually determine the kind of cigar an individual smokes. However, it is the shapes and sizes that will normally identify cigars and there are some that have gained much popularity over the years. One such cigar is the Corona Cigar.

Corona Cigars: What’s So Special about Them?

Honestly, there is nothing extra special about Corona cigars. It’s just that they gained much popularity over the years and as such more people seem to want to smoke Corona’s more than most cigar types. However, there is still some reasons as to why. The Corona is considerably lighter and easy to smoke than most cigars. As such, it is considered as the perfect cigar for amateur or beginners that are introducing themselves to cigar smoking. At the same time, to experienced smokers the Corona is the perfect aperitif cigar.

About the Corona: Specs, Star Brands and General Stuff

The standard Corona has a ring gauge of 42 inches (to the 64th of an inch) which is roughly 17 mm, the standard length in inches is 5+½ inches or 14 cm. This Corona is by far one of the most popular sizes on the market today; and there are several reasons as to why. First of all, Coronas have a wonderful array of choice of aromas while at the same time they are easy to smoke. Each cigar takes about 25-35 minutes before it’s over, a considerably lesser time than most cigars making it ideal for people who want a quick smoke.

When looking for a Corona it is important that you go for a firebrand cigar if you want to enjoy a good smoke. Today, there are plenty of brands out in the market and as such finding the perfect one may prove to be an issue. However, you can easily identify Corona’s that are likely to be top quality by considering who the manufacturer is. For instance, if you want top quality, highly-rated Corona’s, then Partagas, Montecristo No.3 and Hoyo de Monterrey Coronas will be a great choice to go for.
Nonetheless, that does not mean that hand-made, custom built cigars are not any better. As a matter of fact, these sometimes prove to be the best Coronas one will ever smoke. The great thing about handmade coronas is that they can be custom made to suit your specific taste, strength and flavor.

When looking for the right cigar that will suit your taste, there are obviously several factors that you will need to consider in order to make sure that you get the best one out of all the available options, right! The same applies when looking for the perfect Corona brand to smoke. To ease this search for you, the following tips will help you make the right decision when choosing your cigar:

Country of Origin

When buying a cigar, it is important that you consider where it was made. The country of origin will usually have a lot of weight in determining the quality of the product you are going to use. Some of the best cigars in the world are made in Cuba; at the same time, there are many more brands out there that prove to be worth your time and money.


Cigar prices vary greatly and this normally determined by size, flavor, brand, strength and even country of origin. The range in cost normally starts from $2 to about $28 per piece. One important thing to note however, is that cost should never be the prime determinant as there are several less expensive cigars, same with Coronas, that are extremely enjoyable than the premium, more expensive brands.

Flavor and strength

When looking for a Corona, the strength and the flavor are some of the things that you will also need to consider before making your choice. All coronas do not have the same strength as how they are made and the tobacco used may vary. At the same time, you can find a Corona in a flavor that you love; all you need to do is shop around or request one.

All in all, if you are looking to enjoy an easy smoke then the Corona is the perfect cigar for you. It is also a great starting point if you are considering to be a cigar smoker. Try one today and enjoy a great smoke.

Photo Credit: Thomas van de Vosse via Flickr.com