What Exactly Is A Desflorado Tobacco Plant?

medium_6067442723There are many different types of plants that people are able to smoke, tobacco being one of the most popular in the world today. It is very common for people to smoke cigarettes, smoke a pipe, and of course smoke cigars. The primary difference between cigars and all other forms of tobacco smoking products is the fact that they are made using a very specialized process. This article will address how cigars are made, why they are so popular, and what a desflorado tobacco plant actually is and why it is highly coveted by those that enjoy smoking cigars in the world today.

Why People Smoke Cigars

Cigar smoking has been around for centuries, yet it was not as commercialized as it is right now. When you go on the Internet, or if you go to a local tobacco store, it’s very easy to find sources for these products, some of which are very inexpensive, and those that are very costly due to the type of tobacco that is used, and the way that they are created.

Where Tobacco Plants Grow

When you start to look at all of the information that is available in regard to where tobacco grows, you should be shocked at how many places in the world actually focus upon this particular plant. Although it originated in central America, and was also something that was used in Cuba for hundreds of years prior to its European arrival, after the explorers brought it back to Europe, and subsequently to North America, it was only used in these smaller areas. Places such as the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil are just a few of the many exotic locations that these plants are grown on a regular basis. In fact, it is this variety of tobacco which makes it possible for so many different products to be created, all of which offer something that is both interesting, and highly addicting, depending upon the flavor that is derived from experimentation, as well as the high levels of nicotine that may actually be in these products.

Different Types Of Tobacco Plants

There are several different types of tobacco plants that are grown, but the primary difference is actually in the way that they are grown which makes them useful especially in the creation of cigars. Shade grown tobacco which has a canopy over the top of the crop allows the tobacco leaves to grow at a very slow pace. Doing so allows them to have quite a bit of flavor that is robust, opposed to sun grown tobacco which is very strong. The combination of these plants working together creates what so many people love with cigars today, and there is one particular tobacco plant, the desflorado tobacco plant, which we will now discuss.

Overview Of The Desflorado Tobacco Plant

This is more of a method of growing tobacco than an actual designation of a particular plant itself. Essentially, the flowers on the tobacco plant are removed, and in doing so, the flavor and the leaves becomes extremely strong. There really is no other type of tobacco that is stronger when the flowers are removed from any type of tobacco plants that are grown today. Cultivators will remove the violet or white flowers that will appear at the top of the plant once they have been pollinated, after which all of the flavor will move into the leaves, creating a very strong tobacco taste. There are some people that consider this to be deflowering of the plant itself, which is actually what this process is. The nutrients and sugar that is grown in the plant itself moves directly into the leaves, creating the heartier flavor. After they have been harvested which takes quite some time, and processed and rolled, the cigar that uses this type of tobacco leaf will have a much higher potency, and as a result of that, can command a much higher price. It should be noted that the earlier that the flowers are topped, the more flavor that the tobacco will actually have. Those that have done this for quite some time will know exactly when to do this, specifically during what is called the budding stage. You can tell the difference if you compare a cheap cigar in comparison to what is available with this process. In the end, you will be drawn toward this type of cigar more than all of the others because of the flavor that it provides.

Now that you know the difference between a regular cigar, and those that use the desflorado process, you should be on the lookout for the different types of tobacco products that provide this tobacco in the cigars that are rolled and sold. You can check with your local tobacco company, or you can do a search on the web. You will be able to quickly locate the companies that use this particular procedure for creating tobacco leaves, and look forward to a much more robust experience when smoking cigars that have this type of tobacco used in the process.

photo credit: merfam via photopin cc