Recommended Box Pressed Cigars That You Should Try


Are you a regular cigar smoker? You more than likely have your favorite brand, cigars that are traditionally round. But there is another kind not to be there, but square in shape, and they have become very popular. Many people do not know how this happens, or if the type of tobacco that is used is different, or even if the taste is going to be the same. Some people swear that box pressed cigars are the best in the world, regardless of the brand, simply because they are square in shape. In this article, we will discuss box pressed cigars, how they come about, and which ones are highly recommended by people that smoke them on a regular basis.

Similarities Between Regular And Box Pressed Cigars

What you should first know about cigars is that most of them are made in a similar way. The primary variation is between those that are handrolled and those that are machine made. Hand rolled cigars are the most expensive, created by many different companies across the world, utilizing some of the finest tobacco that is grown today. Machine made cigars are created in a similar fashion in that they use tobacco, and they are rolled, except by a machine. The quality of the tobacco is going to be of a lesser quality, which is reflected in the price, and also the taste of the cigars themselves. In comparison to a box pressed cigar, which are also handrolled, the primary difference is the shape. Before we get into why the shape of the cigars is square opposed around, let’s talk a little bit more about the production of cigars and what makes one better than another.

What Makes Great Handrolled Cigars?

The reason that box pressed cigars are just as popular, if not more popular in some regions of the world, than traditional handrolled cigars is because of the quality of the tobacco that is used in the process. It all begins in the growth of the tobacco, the cultivation in certain areas of the world such as Honduras, the Northeastern United States, and many others. All cigars that are handrolled go through a three-part process where there is an exterior called the wrapper, the most expensive part of any cigar. Inside of that is the binder least and inside of that is the filler tobacco, typically shreds of different types of tobacco, all working together to create the unique flavor that each cigar house. The rolling process is also very important as a cigar that is rolled to tightly will not have a proper draw, nor will it burn appropriately. If it is to loose, the cigar will burn to quickly, something that people are quite contemptuous about, especially when a cigars $10 or more. If everything is done properly, the flavor of the cigar is going to be exquisite, and it will last for at least 30 minutes or more. Regardless of the company that you purchase it from, the color of the cigar, or the tobacco that is used, it usually comes down to a subjective preference. And the same is true for those that prefer box pressed cigars.

What Are Box Pressed Cigars?

Another name for these cigars is a square pressed cigar. In fact, the name of the cigar is a clue to how these actually get their shape. Before the cigars are actually put into the box, they are around just like every other cigar. But in the process of placing them in the box, they are pressed in, using a special technique, and the end result is that they are square. Does this help the flavor, or change the consistency of the cigars in any way? According to most people that smoke them, it does not. It is more of a preference in regard to the shape, in the same way that some people prefer Churchill’s over any other size or shape of cigar simply because of how they look, or perhaps even the name. That’s really all there is to a box pressed cigar, and you can get them from many different companies, in particular CAO Maduro and Italia are favorites with people worldwide. If you would like to try them out, you can likely find great deals on the Internet, or even at your local tobacco shop, with special orders also been possible.

In the world of cigar making, with almost all of them being tubular in shape, it’s good to try something new every now and then. You can try box pressed cigars if you want, and those that are highly recommended include those from CAO because of their unique flavor and consistency, making them one of the most popular types that are sold today. Go ahead and try something new, deviating from your regular cigar, and find out if you like box pressed cigars just as much by ordering a box of them today.

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