What You Need To Know About Popular Cigars From CAO And Other Fine Flavored Cigar Producers

Experienced cigar smokers are sometimes dismissive of flavored cigars. Some of them feel that flavored cigars are like cocktails with umbrellas – frivolous and silly. They wouldn’t be caught dead even looking in the window of a shop that sells flavored cigars, much less going inside. Nonetheless, flavored cigars have always been popular and become more so by the minute.

This is because it’s easy to try out flavored cigars without making a huge investment. When purchased singly, they only cost about fifty cents, and the enticing aroma is usually enough to close an impulse sale. Most cigar smokers who give flavored cigars a try are intrigued (if not hooked) after the first puff. Stick With Top Brands For The Best Experience Of course, there are some flavored cigars that are not good. These are generally the ones that are overpoweringly sweet. With fairly unknown brands, flavored cigars may literally be made of the leftovers of other cigars, soaked in flavoring and wrapped in a leaf that’s been soaked in sugar – seriously! That’s why it’s important to look for the better known and more popular brands when you want try a new cigar adventure. Some of the best flavored choices are: * CAO Flavors * Carlos Torano * La Aurora All of these are established companies that produce a wide variety of high quality cigars. You can always count on having a good experience when you stick with top brands. Why Are Established Companies Better?

The main difference between little-known brands and top brands in flavored cigars is the flavoring process, itself. The best known brands use the latest technologies to produce superior products. For example, CAO imbues its tobacco with flavor rather than soaking it or spraying it. The imbuing process takes quite a bit of time and results in a pleasant, subtle taste that is never too sweet or overpowering. This sort of attention to detail is one of the main reasons CAO is such a popular brand.

They produce more than ninety different kinds of cigars, and they are all top rated in reviews. The company is always very innovative and continuously invests in research and development to create a better products. This has been true since the company’s inception as a pipe tobacco producer. Today, they produce find products for both pipe and cigar smokers. Not only does CAO create extremely high quality products, they also package them beautifully for your pleasure or to be given as a gift. Longstanding Favorites Are Always A Good Choice One of the most popular CAO cigar brands is CAO Gold, a mild/medium bodied Nicaragua premium cigar. It was one of the original brands and has maintained steady popularity for many years. . This is because it features full, satisfying flavor in a mild, smooth smoke.

Cigar smokers who like a more powerful flavor will enjoy CAO Gold Maduro. This cigar is also mild/medium bodied, but the flavor is rich and suggests espresso and cocoa tones. In addition to a dazzling array of flavor choices, CAO offers affordability that makes exploring the world of cigars accessible to just about anyone. That’s why this is an excellent company to turn to when you are tempted to take a walk on the wild side with flavored cigars! Modern Innovation Adds Flavor And Fun Another company that offers interesting novelty and high quality is Carlos Torano. This company has created an innovation called “reaction flavors”. With this type of cigar, the flavor gains strength as you smoke. This is a good thing because a lot of lesser flavored cigars lose taste and become bitter as you smoke. Another company that uses an infusion process to create a unique flavored cigar is the La Aurora factory.

They infuse their Erin Go Bragh cigars with Irish Whiskey. This produces a strong and consistent flavor from start to finish. Put Your Four Bits In And Enjoy A Taste Treat If you’ve never tried flavored cigars, you really don’t know what you are missing. It’s easy to see that if you choose from products offered by high quality producers, such as CAO, you will surely have a good experience. Why not risk fifty cents for a little adventure today?