What To Know About Asylum Cigar Offerings?

It is true that the brand, Asylum Cigars, is a bit odd, but these cigars provide cigar lovers with a quality smoke intended to satisfy fussy palates. The brand is fairly new, and they recently debuted after Eiora partnered the company called Tabacaleras Unidas with two other co-founders, Tom Lazurka and Kevin Baxter. Together, they began their new brand by blending Mr. Eiora’s expertise with the business knowledge of his new partners. The result of this merger is a company that produces very interesting cigars that were made to high standards with consistent quality. This brand is noted for its unique and savory flavors and outstanding aroma.

These independent cigar producers do not disappoint smokers who enjoy body and flavor either. The current headquarters of the company is in the United States, in Miami, Florida. However, the Asylum brand of cigars are actually produced out of the country. In fact, they are made in the country of Nicaragua, a top tobacco producer in the world. In this country, the cigars are rolled by hand, and they also roll some of the cigars in another tobacco country, Honduras. It is always more sensible to hand=roll cigars close to where the tobacco is harvested. From these factories, the cigars may be packed and shipped out for distribution to many countries. Asylum Cigars To Consider The company produces more than one kind of cigar.

Consider some of the most popular examples from this new and promising company: Petit Corona: This cigar is only four inches long, and it has a 44 ring guage or quick smokes. Six Inch Cigars: Three notable kinds of cigars that this company produces are six inches long. However they have different gauge sizes. For example, you can choose from the Toro at 50, the Torpedo at 54, and the famous Gigante at 60. Any of these premium cigars can get purchased one at a time, in singles, for cigar loves who want to experiment. Of course, they also come packed in cigar boxes for cigar loves who want to buy plenty to share and smoke themselves. There is one very interesting thing to mention about the Asylum brand. The co-founders did not spend a lot of time worrying about developing traditional cigar blends. Instead, they were more interested in creating distinct and memorable flavors for smokers who wanted to experiment with something different.

This means that the producers hope to attract a very broad custom base. They also try to keep their quality cigars affordable. In fact, these cigars cost less than $7 each, and this is a low price for quality cigars that are rolled by hand. The company wanted to offer affordable prices, but they did not want to sacrifice any quality. That means that the tobacco inside comes from aged Puro grown in Nicaragua. Binder, wrappers, and filler come from there two. Good Puro tobacco is a quality cigar tobacco, and it is not usually found in most brands where the company creates a taste by mixing leaves from many different countries. These are also attractive cigars with dark maduro wrappers. These wrappers have a lot of natural oil that enhances the smoking experience. By the way, when a cigar wrapper holds generous amounts of oil in pockets, it is called toothy. This additional oil enhances the flavor and quality of a cigar much like cooking oil enhances the flavor of different kinds of food. Despite the fact that these cigars have not been on the market for a very long time, plenty of cigar lovers have been eager to review them on the Internet and in print. They say that the cigars burn slowly because of quality construction, and that it is layered with dark flavors. Some say that these cigars have a hint of coffee and leather. This mix of full flavors each give a hint without overwhelming the palate. The taste is not really considered complex, but it is considered robust. The dark flavors transition into a spicy and slightly sweet finish. While the smoke’s body begins medium, it becomes fuller in the middle of the cigar. The Asylum Brand is likely to please any smokers who want to enjoy a good Puro with a toothy wrapper.