Various Facts About Fuente Opus X Cigars


Among cigar enthusiasts, Fuente Opus X Cigars are considered some of the most premium and highest quality cigars in the world market today. These top of the range premium cigars are very rare to find or come by. Production of Fuente Opus X Cigars is very limited and the few cigars that get to tobacco dealers and shops in many parts of the world are sold at exuberant prices.

Such rare findings are normally reserved for the selected few in society who have a really good taste for the good things in life. Many tobacco retailers from across the globe are usually very reluctant to sale large quantities of the above cigars. The fear of not coming across such a exquisite product ever again in ones lifetime is actually very justified. Such an elusive brand has managed to become the most sought after brand of cigars in the entire world.

These highly rated and very rare premium cigars trace their origin to the Dominican republic. These full bodied cigars that come in different lengths and sizes are known to all have a very rich and robust flavor. Fuente Opus X Cigars are wrapped using special Rosado leaves from the tropic river valley in the Dominican Republic. This special wrapping contributes greatly to the distinct taste and quality of the above cigars.

The limited production and the quality of these cigars make them quite an expensive investment. Some people do buy Fuente Opus X Cigars just for the sake of keeping them in their humidors as priceless collector’s items. Having A Fuente Opus X Cigar can be closely associated to having a really valuable painting or piece of art that is very rare.

The Opus name was derived from the unique and very special wrapper tobacco that comes from the Rosado leaves. These fine cigars have consistently received good reviews over the years and almost never get criticism from aficionados. The near perfect nature depicted by the above brand of cigars is unmatched by no other brand of cigars in the market up to date. Carlos Fuente Jr. is the main figure or pioneer behind this very successful and world renowned cigar brand.

Fuente Opus X Cigars only contain tobaccos that are grown in the Dominican Republic. The skill and craft of growing tobacco in this country has been passed down through generations to ensure that the produce remains of the highest quality over the years. Being deemed the best of the best is not an a small achievement. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment from a group of people or in this case a family to produce such premium cigars.

Most of the cigars in this line are medium brown in color. They offer quite an enjoyable smoking experience with a really smooth flavor. An underlying hint of spice can be detected as one smokes the length of any of the above cigars and this shows a really sophisticated level of craftsmanship by their makers. Cigars in this price range are expected to offer a smoking experience like no other and this is exactly what is offered by the above line of cigars.

A brand with such a huge reputation has everything to loose if they chose to produce low quality cigars. This brand is the creme De la creme of all cigar brands in the world. Fuente Opus X Cigars find home in many humidors belonging to cigar enthusiasts from all over the world. Someone may keep any of the above cigars for themselves and never even smoke it. The satisfaction and pride that comes with owning such a exclusive and exquisite cigar is just awesome.

Consumers should be careful not be deceived by malicious people who sell counterfeit Fuente Opus X Cigars. There are many fakes out there in the global market as something good always has its imitations. An experienced cigar smoker who has seen or tasted any of the original and authentic Fuente Opus X Cigars cannot be deceived by fakes or sub standard imitations.

The cigars are known to burn perfectly and evenly. A person only needs to light a stick once and up the smoke goes to the satisfaction of a cigar smoker. This is an obvious expectation from such premium and high end cigars and they do not fall short of that. The price of a single stick can be quite high depending on the specific brand and flavor.

When a person is looking for the perfect cigar for that really special occasion, one should look no further than the above line of premium cigars. Fuente Opus X Cigars do nothing but impress anyone who lays their eyes on them and they can be quite an image booster in more than one way. Choose to impress by choosing to buy Fuente Opus X Cigars.

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