What You Need To Know About Swisher Sweets Cigars

An Overview Of A Well Established An Popular Cigar Manufacturer

For an extraordinarily smooth smoking experience, nothing beats Swisher Sweets. That’s why reviews of all of the company’s many and varied cigar offerings consistently rate each and every choice at 4+ stars (out of a possible 5 star rating).

Why are these cigars so good?

The Swisher Sweets company has always worked hard to create a high quality brand of cigar that is affordable, tasty and easily available to people who love the taste of a good cigar. With this fine machine made brand, cigar enthusiasts can enjoy a relaxing and satisfying smoking experience each and every day without breaking the bank, and the number of choices is truly amazing.

Swisher Sweets are available in a wide variety of choices including:

* Cigarillos
* Flavored
* Tipped
* …and much, much more!

There is really no better choice for the discerning, adventurous and/or frequent cigar smoker than the Swisher Sweets brand.

Cigar enthusiasts from all walks of life love these cigars!

Affordability and a wide array of choices make it easy for people who love cigars to enjoy them at any occasion. This is why Swisher Sweets are well-known as a perennial favorite at poker nights, baseball games, stag parties and other festive gatherings of men.

Here are the lines you will have to choose from with this exceptional and diverse cigar brand:

* Swisher Sweets Flavored Cigars

* Swisher Sweets Little Cigars

* Swisher Sweets Original Cigars

* Swisher Sweets Blunt XL

* Keep Moving Goodies

* King Edward

* BlackStone

* Optimo
It’s easy to see that there is something for everyone with these tasty treats. While cigar smoking has been the domain of men traditionally, the small stature and enticing flavors offered by Swisher open a world of possibilities for the fairer sex.

What Do Swisher Sweets Reviewers Have To Say?

A perusal of Swisher Sweet reviews reveals consistently satisfied customers. Comments are all along the lines of:

* “…the best way to wind down at the end of a stressful day…”
* “Just one or two a day satisfies, and every draw is fantastic!”
* “Swisher makes great cigars for everyday use!”
* “…light and easy with a pleasing aroma and a sweet, mild flavor!”
* “My favorite brand for many years!”

Of all the reviews of the many and varied Swisher flavors, sizes and styles, there is nary a negative word. Reviewers even state that there are simply “no cons” to be noted with the Swisher brand.

Why Do Users Love This Brand So Much?

The Swisher company has invested a great deal in creating a very satisfying machine made cigar. Points that users rave about time and again include:

* Convenient size

* Smooth, sweet flavor

* Lots of choices

Many customers are very appreciative of the smaller size of Swisher’s small and mini cigars because it allows them to enjoy superb cigar richness and flavor in the time it would take to smoke a cigarette.

Simultaneously, they extol the virtues of the traditional larger cigar choices for occasions when there is plenty of time to savor and enjoy a fine cigar. One reviewer waxed poetic when describing relaxing by the campfire with a traditional Swisher Sweet and a glass of Scotch.

Interestingly, many reviewers note that they only smoke one or two Swisher Sweets a day regardless of the small size. This can be attributed to the fact that these cigars are very high quality and very satisfying.

Because smoking is a habit that is generally detrimental to a person’s health, it goes without saying that smoking less and with less frequency is a good choice. The fact that this brand packs a lot of satisfaction into a small and affordable package makes it far more preferable choice than cigarettes.

What Are The Choices?

Swisher Sweets’ choices are literally almost too numerous to list. The company produces traditional cigars, blunts, cigarillos and filtered cigars in a tremendous number of flavors and variations.

One thing that all the choices have in common is a sweet, mild taste and satisfying smoke volume. Additionally, the prices for this excellent brand are surprisingly low and provide tremendous value.

Some of the varieties of Swisher Sweets you can choose from include classic, menthol, peach and grape in little cigars. There are also machine rolled cigarillos, cigars and blunts in Wood Tips, Slims, Perfecto and Kings varieties. Cigarillos can be had in a dazzling array of flavors such as:

* Cherry Tip
* White Grape
* Strawberry
* Coronella
* Tequila
* Peach
* Grape
* Wine

Many of these flavors are also available in mini varieties for a quick smoke. No matter what you are up to or how much or little time you have, it’s easy to see you can find a Swisher Sweet Cigar to suit your purpose.